The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Devices in 2020


Photography is something we can’t live without and being in a digital age, it’s one of the mediums with which we connect to the entire world. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others have redefined how we see images on our feeds. The standard of pictures posted online has to be good enough to catch someone’s attention or else it’s a sure way of your work getting ignored altogether.

Here are 5 photo editing apps that you should consider trying out to make your pictures look professional and unique.



Let’s start things off with this beauty! This Google-owned app is one of our favourites. We believe its strength lies in its simplicity, functionality and most importantly it is non-destructive. Plus, it’s not time-consuming and it’s pretty easy to learn. There are many tools that we like such as the perspective tool and the wide range of exposure and color tools to bring in the wow factor. That’s what makes it special. This is ideal if you’re someone on the go and want something quick to transform your pics.

Download Snapseed for free on iOS and Android



PicsArt is one app that is extremely versatile and has some amazing tools! At first, it can seem a bit intimidating but once you get used to the user interface, you’ll be editing like a pro. It provides you with full creative control with editing tools & beautiful filters. In addition to this, there are also fun stickers, artistic text styles, collages that you can try out.

It also features something called Challenges wherein users can try out and show off their artistic skills with a range of topics that are updated on a regular basis to win some amazing prizes. Now isn’t this wonderful? This is a fun way of connecting with the community at large.

Download Snapseed for free on iOS and Android

However, there can be some in app charges for certain features.



VSCO or Visual Supply Company is another popular photo editing app. It features a simple and clean user interface with an array of editing tools such as skin tone, highlights and shadows tint, temperature and many amazing presets to choose from.

If you need some motivation you can follow the ever-increasing VSCO community. It’s a beautiful place to connect with fellow users and to also know the latest trends in photography.

Download Snapseed for free on iOS and Android

There’s also a VSCO membership with an annual subscription fee of $19.99 with even more features, video editing tools and much more.



This app is perfect for new and advanced users. With various tools like exposure, clarify, contrast, your editing will never feel the same again. It offers RAW image support, many filters to choose from. There are light leaks which by the way is gorgeous and you definitely need to try it out. Another thing that you have to check out is the double-exposure tool to create stunning combinations of pictures.This tool is available only on the iOS version at the moment.

Download Snapseed for free on iOS and Android

However, there can be some in app charges for certain features.


Adobe Lightroom

Well, what better way to end the list with this powerful app. I mean, you can never go wrong with Adobe Lightroom. It has always remained an industry standard for professional photographers. This app is perfect for anyone serious about getting the very best out of their photographs. You'll find no stickers, animations or emoji here.There are many tools like split tones, sharpening, lens profile corrections and more. The premium version will unlock more features like the perspective, healing which gives you more control with the editing. You’ll be amazed as to what all these tools can do and how it can dramatically make the picture seem so good. What’s more, the edits are non-destructive. You won’t have to worry about anything as you will always be able to return to your original image.

Since it’s a cloud-based service, whatever edits you make will sync on your mobile and desktop devices via Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom also has a discover area where you can see the work of other users. You can also contribute your work of art to Lightroom Discover. Apart from all this, the app lets you click pictures with more freedom in playing around with the Shutter Speed, White Balance and ISO.

Download Snapseed for free on iOS and Android

However, there can be some in-app charges for various plans. For example, the premium monthly plan of 100 GB costs around $4.99. Check the one which would suit you best. Whichever plan you choose will be worth it!

We guarantee that by using these apps your pictures will definitely shine out on your social media feeds.