Top Performing Activities for Social Media Marketing in 2020


The sole motive behind social media was to bring us closer to our loved ones but now, it’s more than just that. It is safe to say that ‘the socials’ have become a part of our life! With the variety offered and the ease of access to literally anything, social media has truly evolved to a much stronger and valued medium

Building entrepreneurs, bringing out hidden talents, giving voices, and whatnot. The online media changed the way of living for almost all of us and with the level of influence it has on everyone, it is no big deal to make business out of it.

But, to do that efficiently we need to keep an eye open to the variations and changes constantly happening on social media. Staying active and leveraging these to a brand’s requirements is the need of the hour. So, here we bring to you the top-performing activities for social media marketing in 2020

Live videos & video content:


What’s more connecting to you, a message from your closed ones, or a call where you can listen to them? The same goes for the two formats on social media, text and video respectively. People love listening and looking at people they admire or connect with hence, live videos and other video content, in general are going to remain a great format to build a stronger community. It’s time to take out our cameras and get on with it!

Social media ads


Ads have played a major part in social media marketing and are becoming very common too. Providing you with a high degree of customization, they have given rise to ‘social commerce’. People are loving shopping on socials, it is a rising trend. Pinterest has increased sales for so many businesses, Instagram introduced the shopping feature to list your products on images itself, that’s proof enough. Social commerce is a huge and growing market in itself.

Influencer marketing:


It's not a new thing when it comes to social media marketing, influencer marketing has been there for a long time, although now brands are showing more interest in these, the reason? Pure authenticity and trust. Influencers are not just limited to celebrities or someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, they can even be a person with genuine followers above 1000, to be precise a micro-influencer. They have close-knit and engaging communities and can be a resource to many businesses who would be interested in targeting a specific group of people or region to increase awareness. A strong voice will be a great resource for any brand.



Our lifestyle is rapidly changing from the old slow and peaceful to a faster and quicker pace, stories play the perfect role in this. People like quick and short formats over longer ones, and are increasingly engaging in stories more as compared to posts. Also known as ephemeral content, they provide a fast and short form of information to the viewer and are being used by many brands and marketers. With the advent of putting up polls, quizzes, etc on Facebook and Instagram the user is very much interested to keep tapping.

User-generated content:


UGC is the most authentic form of social proof for a brand. It also helps build customer relationships and promote more content from the consumers' end. Who knows if a hashtag starts trending or a video goes viral? That’ll only boost recognition for the brand. Social media is at the end built for connections, the more a brand connects and starts to become a part of people’s lives the more it will be trusted over its competitors.

Now for a fact, we all know nothing remains constant the same goes with all that’s online. Always pay attention to what’s happening around you and also on what’s working for you, not everything will suit everyone. Study the metrics and leverage the media to ace in this digital world!