The 5 Best Andriod Camera Apps that you should try Out in 2020


Clicking a photograph is a beautiful way of preserving memories. As they say, even if people or situations change, the one thing that remains constant are the images. It can be a beautiful sunset, a family portrait, food pictures, your travel journey and so much more. Today everyone owns a smartphone and the cameras on it have undergone massive changes. If you remember say a few years ago mobile photography was still developing. Now, it’s a whole different level altogether. Some phones are equipped with ultra-wide-angle sensors, macro lenses, depth sensors and much more. Each mobile brand is coming up with better cameras every year. The technology keeps on changing. Companies are trying to make cameras more reliable and coming with all sorts of features. In fact, many people make their purchase decisions on the strength of the phone’s camera.

Apart from the phone makers bringing about changes to the camera performance, mobile app development companies too are coming up with a wide variety of camera apps that take your photography game to the next level! In this blog, we’ve listed below the 5 best android camera apps that you should definitely try out in 2020 to capture that perfect shot!

Camera MX

Best andriod camera apps

(Image Credits: Camera MX)

One of the best apps available on the play store for a while now is this beauty! It provides users with many features such as autofocusing, numerous filters, effects, customizing JPEG quality and much more! It also offers other editing options like white balance control, exposure etc.

Download Camera MX: Android

Cymera Camera

Best andriod camera apps

(Image Credits: Cymera)

If you love taking selfies then this app is just the perfect one for you! It has a load of features ranging from beauty mode which helps in removing blemishes, adding a touch of makeup to make your face look even prettier and much more. Apart from that you get to explore a lot of filters, stickers etc to include in your selfies.

Download Cymera: Android

Simple Camera

Best andriod camera apps

(Image Credits: Simple camera)

Like the name suggests this camera is as simple as it gets with its UI which doesn’t confuse its users and doesn’t overwhelm them too with extra features. You can take pictures from your front and rear cameras, change the output resolution, and other basic features. Plus, this app contains no ads and also has no internet access which makes it more secure and stable compared to the other apps.

Download Simple Camera: Android

Camera FV-5

Best andriod camera apps

If you’re looking for more control while taking a shot then do try out this app. It’s a professional camera app that gives you the feel of a DSLR camera controls at your fingertips. There are many features like exposure, shutter speed, white balance, lossless PNG formats and much more. Plus, it also has support for shooting your images in RAW.

Download Simple Camera: Android

Footej Camera 2

Best andriod camera apps

(Image Credits: Footej Camera 2)

Ending this list would be the brand new look and more advanced features for the already popular Footej Camera 2. It has a simple interface with amazing picture and video quality. Some of the features it includes are burst mode, animated GIFs, slow-motion video recording, panorama mode, selfie light, snapshot while video recording etc.

Download Footej Camera 2: Android